Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Special Announcement: It may not be what you think....

So along with my new blog look comes a very special announcement from the Lewter Family.

We are expecting a new bundle of joy in September and it is not by way of China, yet.....I am 10 weeks pregnant!!!

AAHH!!! Can you believe it? We could not either, it was a huge suprise but is a huge blessing at the same time. We are still planning on submitting our, in the works, dossier to China, but will just be waiting awhile to be matched with a referral. We never, and I mean never, really saw this coming, but we are so learning to go with the flow. And know that God's plan is so much more perfect than we could have ever imagined. We are so excited to share our news with you ,and I have wanted to for awhile, but with my history of miscarriage we decided to wait a while. But we just can't hold in our miracle any longer. Please continue to pray for us and the baby as I am considered some what high risk given my history and med/high blood pressure. I am hanging in there and starting to come out of the first trimester blahs, thank goodness. So, we will continue to keep you updated on our progress and of course our 1st two miracles as well. Ethan is super excited and Charlotte is starting to understand a little, as much as she can. Isn't God just incredible!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Three Word Sunday