Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caring for the Orphan

Okay, so I know I am blogging about the same thing again but it is heavy on my heart right now.  Not sure why, but God knows why, and so I am going to keep sharing.  I have been reading so many blog posts about the same thing.  I really don't think everyone gets it.  I don't think they really understand how some children live day in and out.  One thing I do know is once your eyes are opened, can you really turn your back on all you have seen.  The easy answer, NO!!  Can you imagine your child spending 20 hours plus a day in a crib?  It is a reality for some children living in orphanages in the world.  Please read this post, by another adoptive mom who shares some very valuable and heart breaking insight.  Our Charlotte did not spend all of her time in a crib, I know as I have pictures of her crawling around the orphanage, but I also have lots of her in her crib. 

And part of her head is flat on one side, because she spent so much time as an infant laying down on a hard crib.  I know that is hard to think about, it breaks my heart to but it is a reality. 

You may not be called to adopt a child yourself, but God does call us to care for the orphan no doubt about it.  What will you do to care for the least of these?  Please share your ideas with us, it may inspire someone else to do the same thing.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are you being called?

I know most of you that read my blog are adoptive parents yourselves but for those of you that are not, this post is for you. Jay and I have talked several times about the fact that we are suprised that no one we know has felt called to adopt. We always hope that our story and Charlotte's journey will open other's eyes to the needs of orphans not only in other countries but here at home. I guess we assumed that God would use our story to speak to the hearts of others, and maybe he has we just don't know it. But I wanted to take a second to just say that our lives have been so completely transformed since the day we set foot in that small room in China and held our Sha Sha for the very first time. TRANSFORMED!!! So many times people say, she is so lucky to have you and the truth is we are so blessed to have her. She has made each one of us better and God has used our sweet girl to open our hearts and minds to his calling. I just want to ask you, is HE calling you. I know at times so much about adoption is overwhelming, the paperwork, THE COST, the unknowns, stepping out of our comfort zone. But, do you have extra love and space in your heart...if you do there are almost 150 million orphans in the world that are ready to fill that space. I promise your life will be TRANSFORMED too. Just pray about it if you would, think about it and look at our sweet girl and how transformed she has become. There are 150 million children just like her. They each deserve a chance to have a family, to have love, and to have some one to kiss their boo boos when they fall. Is HE calling you??

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."  James 1:27

Hope is Fading from Allan Rosenow on Vimeo.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Help An Orphan's Wish raise some $$

Head on over to Ni Hao Ya'll and see Stefanie's 1000th post! She will donate $1 for every comment left to An Orphan's Wish. How cool is that:)

And click here to learn more about this important ministry in China:

An Orphan'sWish

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just needed to write....

They last few days/weeks have been down right weird. We have some strange stuff goin' on at school, I am still working through a tough family situation, the end of the school year is upon us-busy, and dealing with some issues with our house. Yet in it all I have remained suprisingly calm, believe it or not. And this is HEAVY stuff, that I just condensed into the previous run on sentence. Now of course, I still have my moments, of frustration and wondering if I can really do this. Like last night. I worked all day yesterday, and the kids at school are READY for summer. Then was home for oh about, 90 minutes. Jay came home, only to have to head right back out to a PTA meeting so he dropped the girls at his mom's and I took Ethan to night 2 of Soccer Evaluations. Left the soccer field, picked up the girls, headed home, heated up dinner for Ethan and I and got the girls in the bath. Made a bottle and milk for the girls. Layed Ainsley down, finally got back to my dinner and then Jay was home, thank goodness because I was running on fumes by that point. Charlotte in bed, then Ethan and I fell asleep while my poor hubby was trying to talk to me. Yet, I was still able to wake up this morning and get some stuff accomplished and my to do list is long right now. So I am just writing to say, with tears in my eyes that I am so thankful I have a peace from my God today. A peace the surpasses all knowledge and all understanding. A peace that helps me get through every second of the day, knowing that HE is ultimately in control. Thank you Lord!

"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {Sha Sha}

Did not have a specific event to post about today so I thought I would take the opportunity to share some unposted pics and info about our sweet Sha Sha!  She is full of spunk I tell you, the most strong willed little thing I have ever met.  She gives us a run for our money everyday!  I know she is that way for oh so many reasons....she had to overcome so many obstacles for 16 months on her own, one of which was eating.  And she needs that strong will to keep pressing on in her biggest obstacle-SPEECH. 

It is hard for CL/CP kids to make all the ordinary sounds.  I never analyzed our language and how we speak before Charlotte came home, but I do now.  Some sounds are almost impossible for our girl, but she tries over and over.  She does not get frustrated very often, she will just try again, or give you something else to help with the context of what she is saying.  Occasionally she goes back to a trusty hand sign if Mommy is just not getting it. 

We met to evaluate her IEP (individualized education plan) this week and she has come so far.  She is about to complete her second year in developmental Preschool and she has graduated from Occupational Therapy.  That is so huge...her motor skills have now exceeded her age, and she has met all of her eating goals and mobility goals for her lip.  She is also almost caught up in her language skills, only 2 months behind peers now.  So now her hard work will be concentrated on academics and articulation.  She will have speech 3 times a week, once one on one. 

It really is incredible when you think about the fact that when she came home, she was not walking, only drank from a bottle, had no sounds at all, and was very behind in most sensory areas.  In just 2 1/2 short years she has almost completely caught up.  And really her speech delay now is due to her cleft palate.  I am so proud of her hard work and perseverance.  See, God knew this little girl had to be strong willed to overcome so much.  Now if we can just convince her that she still has to do what Mommy and Daddy say the first time :)  It will come, or she will just be spending most of her summer in TIME OUT!!!  Just kidding, we are about to implement some new positive reinforcement techniques.  I will let you know what we do and how they work out.

Ni Hao Y'all

Wednesday, June 2, 2010