Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caring for the Orphan

Okay, so I know I am blogging about the same thing again but it is heavy on my heart right now.  Not sure why, but God knows why, and so I am going to keep sharing.  I have been reading so many blog posts about the same thing.  I really don't think everyone gets it.  I don't think they really understand how some children live day in and out.  One thing I do know is once your eyes are opened, can you really turn your back on all you have seen.  The easy answer, NO!!  Can you imagine your child spending 20 hours plus a day in a crib?  It is a reality for some children living in orphanages in the world.  Please read this post, by another adoptive mom who shares some very valuable and heart breaking insight.  Our Charlotte did not spend all of her time in a crib, I know as I have pictures of her crawling around the orphanage, but I also have lots of her in her crib. 

And part of her head is flat on one side, because she spent so much time as an infant laying down on a hard crib.  I know that is hard to think about, it breaks my heart to but it is a reality. 

You may not be called to adopt a child yourself, but God does call us to care for the orphan no doubt about it.  What will you do to care for the least of these?  Please share your ideas with us, it may inspire someone else to do the same thing.

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