Saturday, May 31, 2008

I have been tagged for a here goes!

I've been tagged by my friend Cheri, over at Loving Lia and I am playing along! :)

*For those of you who are not bloggers, you probably don't "get" this, but it helps us all get to know one another.

Favorite person (outside of family): I have so many, but right now I would have to say my good friend, Chelsea.

Quirks about you? I am extremely organized and need everything in it’s place before I can just sit down. I know it sounds a little compulisive but just one of the qualities of a Type A personality.

How would the person who loves you the most describe you in ten words or less? Straight forward, task-oriented, but still loving and thoughtful

Any regrets in life? Of Course, who doesn’t, but it is how we react to those regrets that really counts.

Favorite charity or cause? Shaohannah’s Hope and bringing awareness about adoption

Favorite blog recently? Too many to mention, I spend quite a bit of time surfing.

Something you cannot get enough of? The beach and our pool, I love the SUN!Worst job you ever had? Taco Bell in High School, I think I lasted about 2 weeks before I opted to work at a Day-care Center instead.

What job would you pay NOT to have? A First Grade Teacher, they are my heroesJ

If you could be a fly on the wall, where? Not Sure

Favorite Bible verse right now? Psalms 37:4, its on the top of my blog.Guilty pleasure? Starbucks coffee, it’s the only coffee I will drink, even at home.

Got any confessions? I really could do a better job at eating well and exercising.

If you had to spend $1000 on yourself, how would you spend it? I would buy an ibook, I really want one.

Favorite thing about your house? Our backyard, it is like a private little oasis out there-super relaxing.

Least favorite thing about your house? Our horrible electrical wiring, we blow the breakers all the time, especially in the summer, UGH!

One thing you are bad at? Cleaning the fridge and dustingL

One thing you are good at? I think I am pretty musically gifted.

If you could change one thing about your circumstances, what? I would stay home full time with my kids.

Who would you like to meet someday? Chris Tomlin

What makes you feel sexy? Having a nice tan.

Who is your real life hero? Teachers who work with difficult children and still manage to stay positive and calm.

What is the hardest part of your job? Feeling like I am able to give 100% at school and at home.

When are you most relaxed? Sitting in the Hot Tub with my hubby.

What stresses you out? When the house is a disaster and I still have five more things to do before the night is over.

What can you not live without? My family!! And Jesus!

Do you agree with the recent article that blogs are authored by narcissists? No way, we started our site to keep family and friends up to date on our adoption journey, since then It has been a wonderful way for me to journal and to keep up with others that I don’t see all the time.

Why do you blog? See above.

Who are you tagging? I am tagging Leslie, Adreanna, Tina, Tonya and Sharon.

Rules:1. Answer the questions.2. Link back to who tagged you.3. Tag 8 bloggers in the above categories to do the same.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Look

It was time for a new look, so here it is. Let me know what you think??? I thought I would remind everyone that I love to do Blog Makeovers, I have design blog set up if you are interested. Check it out when you have a chance.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Heavy Heart......

My heart is very heavy today, having heard the news of two losses kind of close to my family. The first I am sure many of you have already heard about, the daughter of Christian Singer Steven Curtis Chapman was killed in a horrible accident at their home on Wednesday. Maria just turned five and is from China just like our Sha Sha. Our hearts just go out to this amazing family over their loss and the struggles they are now facing to recover from this tragedy. Even though we have never personally met the Chapmans, we still feel a connection to them trough the world of adoption. And hearing their story was one of the things that opened our hearts to the idea of adoption in the first place. If it wasn’t for their testimony we might not have our Charlotte right now so they are very special to us. Also we have listened to SCC’s music for a long time, I saw him in concert the first time in college and Jay and I volunteered for his Shaohannah’s Hope organization at a concert in April. He and his wife have been amazing advocates for international adoption and orphans around the world since they adopted their first daughter from China several years ago. They have set up a special fund in Maria’s name if you would like to contribute please click here. You can also leave condolences at this blog set up in her honor. Our prayers are with the entire family during this very trying time.

In our own lives this weekend, we made a little get away to Williamsburg and took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge. We had a great time. Ethan has been before, but he is older now and was able to venture out on his own a little which was exciting for him. He really enjoyed the body board ride, see the pictures below. Charlotte LOVED the water, she had so much fun. It took her a few minutes to work up her courage, but after that she did not want to get out of the water. She loved playing in the fountains and sitting in the water even though her head was barely above the level of the water. She is definitely a little dare devil, comes from her independent, strong willed spirit. Enjoy the pictures, I was thinking the whole time how lucky and grateful I felt to be able to share all of this with Charlotte. Everything is a new adventure for her, so neat to see the amazement and excitement in her eyes. She is a special little girl and we are trying to soak up every minute we have with her and with Ethan. Before we know it they will be off on their own. Our time is so short, we have to be sure to live out each moment and not take a single second for granted.

Another loss our family suffered this week was the loss of a friend and pastor that we got to know at Great Bridge Methodist. Our dear friend Leonard went to be with the Lord on Wednesday. He was an associate pastor at GBUMC when Jay and I were first there. He and his wife Harriet have always been so kind and loving towards our family. He will be dearly missed and our prayers are with Harriet and his family.

So now on to a 3-day weekend I am so excited to be spending time with my family. Hopefully, we might even be able to take a dip in the pool, given it is warm enough. Enjoy your weekend, we love you all.

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Splashin' Around

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Surfer Dude!

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Our Little Ladybug

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More Great Wolf Pictures

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

First Haircut

Charlotte had her first haircut on Thursday. I was not able to get pictures at the salon because she had to sit on my lap, but I did take some at home. She looks like such a big girl now, no more little tuft of baby hair hanging down in the back. She is a cutie!!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my amazing husband. He is just the best, and I love him so much. He is truly my best friend and I am so thankful that I get to go through this journey of life with him. He is a pretty great daddy too. I love you sweetie!!!

More News on The Earthquake

I read a report that said there is a possiblility the death toll from the earthquake may reach 50,000 people. Here is a copy of a post on the Half the Sky website.

Half the Sky Earthquake Update - May 15

May 15th, 2008

Dear Friends,
As word comes of the hundreds, maybe thousands of children lost in the earthquake, I am finding these emails almost too painful to write. When I think of so many parents who have lost their only child - so many children newly orphaned - so many families destroyed - there are no words….
Still, I will continue to write daily with any new information that has been given to us and confirmed. Again, please do not contact us to inquire about individual institutions. We will give you all of the information we have. If you do not hear from us about a particular place, it likely is not affected. At any rate, we don’t have any information beyond what I am passing along to you.
As of now, Thursday afternoon in China, there are 14,866 people confirmed dead, 14,463 in Sichuan Province. There are 22,438 people reported missing – 21,020 of them in Deyang alone. There have been 3,300 aftershocks and they continue.
Here is the confirmed information we have regarding children in welfareinstitutions:
Chengdu: The city continues to experience aftershocks and the institution director is afraid the water supply will be cut off again, so has requested disposable diapers. They are having trouble finding sufficient supplies of milk and formula. All children in foster care have been located and are fine. The institution has structural cracks but was built to current earthquake standards and is fundamentally solid. All the children remain on the first floor of the children’s building, mostly in the cafeteria, and, weather-permitting, outside while awake. We’ve posted a few photos on our website.
Chongqing and Yibin orphanages are fine – no building damage, no shortage of supplies.
The orphanages below report problems. However, please note that not a single child has been injured; all are fine:- Zigong CWI needs bedding, powdered milk, crackers and disposable diapers- Neijiang CWI has suffered some structural damage; one or two children’s dormitories, office building and laundry room have cracked walls.- Nanchong 2nd SWI has cracks in walls, substantial damage to the ceiling of a staff building, needs tents- Mianyang Zitong CWI has severely damaged walls. Children have been moved to a military base. Urgent need for diapers, bedding, powdered milk and purified water Hanzhong CWI (Shaanxi)- Quite a few water pipes burst, the water tower had cracks. Children have been evacuated and there is need for more tents, bedding and purified water. We’ve posted a few photos on our website.Dujiangyan SWI has evacuated all children. They have no tap water or electricity in their temporary shelter. They urgently need food, purified water, diapers and powdered milk.
We are still unable to reach these institutions: Deyang CWI (78 children), Abazhou CWI (52 children), Guangyuan SWI, Mianzhu SWI
One of our HTS Beijing staff, Ma Lang, is a native of Mianyang, Sichuan, close to the epicenter. HTS’ Director of Child Development, Ma Lang is both a pediatrician and a child development specialist. She is on her way home right now to make use of her skills both medically and to help children traumatized by this disaster. We are so proud of Lang and wish her safe travels. She has promised to share her journey with all of us.So soon you’ll be hearing from us both!
Usually just before June 1, China’s Children’s Day, Half the Sky announces a special appeal to help us fund new orphanage programs in the fall.While we are committed to starting those new programs and know we will need help to make it happen, we just don’t feel we can ask for help improving lives while children in Sichuan are losing theirs. There must be a Children’s Day Challenge this year but not at this time. Please do what you can to help children in trouble now, and remember to help the kids of HTS a little later this year.
Our hearts and prayers today are especially with the parents who have lost their children in the collapse of schools - Muyu, Xinjian, Juyuan, Liangping, and the rest.
Please give what you can to help the children who survive go on with their lives.
If you would like to donate to Half the Sky’s Children’s Earthquake Fund, it would be great if you would do so at Global Giving. The Ford Motor Company announced today that they will match every gift!
If you prefer to donate directly to Half the Sky, of course that’s fine.
Here are the various ways:
You can donate by calling Half the Sky (+1 510 525 3377) or on our website:’s+Earthquake+Fund
We have been so moved by your support already. Thank you!
with love,Jenny
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Earthquake in China

Update on the Earthquake and after shocks: So far it looks like all the children in orphanages are fine, but many other children in this area are in need right now. Half the Sky an organization in China that works with orphanages has sent up a fund with China's Ministry of Civil Affairs to help children in the area who are now in need. Go to if you are interested in donating.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Wonderful Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday, my family was so good to me. They made sure I relaxed and felt pampered. It was such a great Mother's Day too, finally being a mother of 2. Charlotte is really starting to come out of her shell, and is being more loving everyday. Ethan is as usual a sweet boy, and gave me lots of hugs yesterday. And my husband of course spoiled me as usual. I just have a incredible family and I am honored to be the Mommy. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day as well.

Prayer Request:
A very strong earthquake like 7.8 hit China today. It is reported that near 8000 people have lost their lives. Please pray for these families and the children in orphanages there. I have not found any reports on the orphanages as of yet but will let you know when I do. Here is a link to a story about the quake.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doing Better!!

We are doing so much better, this week. Jay and I have adjusted our work schedules for the rest of the school year, which is only like 5 more weeks. I am staying home on Monday mornings so that Charlotte is only away from us for 4 hours and Jay is doing the same on Tuesdays. Then she just has Friday to get through the whole day. It is working so much better, she is much happier and so is mommy. Please pray for her ear though, as it is still draining and actually has a staff infection in it. We have another ENT appointment tomorrow and need to get this cleared up before her palate surgery on June 18th. Hope you are all doing well.

Busch Gardens

I love my Big Bro!!

We had a fun day at Busch Gardens on Saturday. Sha Sha will go on the rides, but only if her big brother goes with her, so sweet. Ethan is such a great brother he of course goes. He will hold her hand all they way through the ride, what a sweet guy. The cooles part of the day was the concert we saw, Matthew West and Third Day, AWESOME!!!! Ethan loved it and knew all the songs. It was a great family day.
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