Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doing Better!!

We are doing so much better, this week. Jay and I have adjusted our work schedules for the rest of the school year, which is only like 5 more weeks. I am staying home on Monday mornings so that Charlotte is only away from us for 4 hours and Jay is doing the same on Tuesdays. Then she just has Friday to get through the whole day. It is working so much better, she is much happier and so is mommy. Please pray for her ear though, as it is still draining and actually has a staff infection in it. We have another ENT appointment tomorrow and need to get this cleared up before her palate surgery on June 18th. Hope you are all doing well.

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Cheri H said...

Oh, I'm so happy you were able to adjust your schedules! I'm sure you all feel so much better. I'll be praying that Charlotte's ear feels better soon and that all is cleared up for her surgery.