Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {My Baby is 1-what?!?}

I can't even believe it at all, it really makes me kind of sad.  But, my baby girl is 1 already!!  I tell people all the time if Ainsley had been the first and all the babies after her were like her we would have a house full-ha!!  She is just a sweet tempered thing, usually entertains herself, and loves to cuddle.  A girl after her mommy's heart for sure.  We celebrated her 1st Birthday with family and her very own cake.  I was picturing her just digging in-but she was very lady like and just took small bites.

Our sweet Birthday Girl!

I think Charlotte was more excited than Ainsley.  She helped blow out the candles.

He loves his baby sister so much!!  A great big bro!

Tried for good pic of girls, but too much excitement :(

That cake is all for me?

Okay I will try a little!

Mmmm that was good, need more!

Love the icing covered lips!

Uh, Oh-foot in the cake.

She looks like I caught her doing somethng in this one!!  Lots of fun with our sweet girl on her 1st birthday!

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