Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank you!!

Thanks so much to my sweet friends who left comments on my last post!  It makes me feel so much more at ease.  I have been kind of reluctant to make that post, feeling in some ways like I was letting my adoption friends down.  I know that seems funny to say, but I don't like to leave things undone or to fail at something I start.  And I know that I am not really failing, just following but still.  Anyway, thanks to my sweet friends-I love you guys!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hard Decision

Many of you that have read our blog for a while, know that Jay and I started the process to go back to China and adopt again before we knew about Ainsley.  And, even after we found out that I was pregnant we continued the process and were actually LID on 9/1/2009.  We knew we wanted time to pray, live life as a family of 5 and pray some more to see where God was leading our family.  This has not been an easy decision by any means.  We have gone back and forth so many times.  Sometimes me, sometimes Jay, sometimes both of us.  We both have such a heart for orphans, and have love to give.  We were actually in the middle of our home study update to update our I800 when we had to make a very difficult decision.  We knew God was showing us that the time was now to decide for sure if we were going back to China.  And for many reasons that I won't go into publically we have decided that for now our family is complete.  God showed us that we needed to get some other things in order before we are ready to bring home another baby.  Not saying it won't happen in the future, we will go where God leads but right now He wants us to focus on the 3 we have at home and on getting ourselves in order.  This has been the toughest decision we have made in our marriage.  It has been even tougher than deciding to go to China the first time, but since we contacted our agency and made everything final I have felt at peace with the decision.  I know God, has placed the world's orphans on my heart in a mighty way.  And we will continue to advocate and fight for all those left behind, that will not change.  And I think I will always feel like I left a little bit of my heart in China with those still longing for the love of a mommy and daddy.  But we have a very special little girl with us now, that needs all of the love and attention we can give her.  We are going to do just that.  We are going to pray for the 143 million orphans still waiting and we are going to get our family in line with God.  We are going to go where He leads, and are excited for what the future may hold.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vote for my COWS!!!

I entered the girls into the Chick-fil-a Contest....if you are on facebook, take a second to go to this link and vote.  Pretty Please!!!!

Click here to VOTE!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {My Little Sweetie Pie}

Charlotte always introduces Ainsley as "My little sweetie pie," which is just so adorable, isn't it. She really loves her baby sister and Ainsley loves her big sis just as much. She squeals with delight in the mornings when she sees Charlotte for the first time. Next sunday I am going to try and have some shots of them together in action. But these photos I took today were too cute not to post right away. I think they really show her personality. She is full of spunk, believe me. She even has a little temper. I know you don't believe it with that sweet little smile. But she has already thrown temper tantrums when not getting her way. And she does not give up easily. Say a couple of extra prayers for me. Two little fiesty girls-I need it!!!!-HA!

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Ni Hao Y'all

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cow Appreciation!!

We had lots of fun dressing up for Chick-fil-a's Cow Appreciation Day!! The best food!

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {The Girls}

Wow, you would think with it being summer that I would have more time to blog-HA!!  I am super busy between everyone being home, camps, cook-outs, organizing VBS..lovin' it, but busy.  So, I am behind and this post is about my girls. 

Last weekend we celebrated Charlotte's 4th birthday!  I cannot believe that she is 4 already. It just does not seem possible. 

This was her first birthday that we invited friends and not just family.  She was super excited and talked about it for weeks.  We went to our local Little Gym for some jumping fun. 

Charlotte loved the "free time" but was not big on the organized game time. 

She did finally participate at the end when Nana talked her into going with her-go NANA!! 

Then we sang Happy Birthday, her favorite part, and had some cake. 

We opened gifts at home later and she loaded up on all sorts of fun My Little Pony goodies.  She is one lucky girl.

And my sweet Ainsley is changing everyday.  She is losing her little baby look and is turning into a toddler before our eyes.  She is starting to cruise on the furniture and can get wherever she needs to go. 

She is also a master at finding every little tiny thing on the floor and promptly putting it in her mouth.  She is so fast, I can hardly keep up. She is really giving me a run for my money.  She is beginning to be more vocal now and loves to babble and talk to us, and sing!! 

She also lets us know if anyone takes something from her.  This little girl can squeal like nobody's business.  But it gets mama's attention and that's what she needs.

We had a fun 4th with a neighborhood cook-out but I neglected to get any pictures-boo :(  Ethan is off to camp this week which makes me sad.  I will be without my #1 helper this week.  I will be so happy to get him home, but I know he is going to have an incredible week.  Till next time, I will try to be a better blogger, promise.  If you want to participate in Sunday Snapshot or visit some other fun blogs click on the link below!

Ni Hao Y'all