Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

When we all wear our crocs at the same time Ethan says, hey we are a croc family today. We waited a long time to say that we were a croc family of four. That is what I am most thankful for today. Thankful that Charlotte is now with her Forvever Family, and that we can take care of her every need. It is so awesome to see her giving us and others kisses now and showing affection. You can just see the love in her eyes and heart and it warms my heart to know that together we were able to bring about this miracle. So today I am thankful to God for leading us on this journey of adoption, for choosing us to be Charlotte's family, and for making the ultimate sacrifice to adopt each of us into His Kingdom. Thank you, Lord.

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Carla said...

sooo cute! I can't wait for Katie's feet to fit in Crocs. They start at size 4/5 right?