Thursday, July 23, 2009

He sneaks in..

Just surfing around on the net this afternoon and found a great blog post on the Show Hope Blog that I wanted to share with you. So click HERE and then come back...........

Okay, isn't that a cool post and so very true. You know we are still completing our 2nd dossier for China, even though, little Ainsley is on her way. To be perfectly honest, we have waivered back and forth several times on this road. We started the process before we knew Ainsley was a part of our family, and I was a little sad at first to think that maybe we had messed up and that God's plan for our 3rd addition was not in China but born in my womb instead. I really did grieve, not knowing if we were to be parents of 4 kids-which just 2 years ago seemed completely in sane. But after praying and praying, we have pressed on knowing God would not have placed another China blessing on our hearts just because. And although it seems like a hard road right now, and I admit a little insane, we just can't give up on our 4th addition. So until God shows us otherwise we are still pressing on, walking in faith, knowing He will lead our steps and we will be blessed beyond measure. But just as the Show Hope post says, we have been tempted and fooled by the enemy, even just yesterday. We just received a contract on our house and need to find a new, bigger, house to close on by Aug. 20th. Well the house hunt is not going as well as I hoped, mostly because I really want to have 5 bedrooms or 4 large ones and 3 bathrooms. I just know with 4 kids we would need that space, and I don't want to outgrow our house again. So last night after hunting all afternoon with no luck, I wondered maybe we are only supposed to have 3 kids, it would make this search a lot easier. See how easily he sneaks in. But after reading surfing around today, I know that is not true. We are called to bring another blessing home. It may be in 2 years or 3, but we will be ready and God will work it all out. That I know!

Oh and just to piggy back on Show Hope, if you feel called to help Orphans, but not called to bring one home. Consider being a Show Hope Sponser. Our family is a sponser. It is only $35 a month and will help support all of the Children at Maria Big House of Hope that just opened this month in China. Check out all about it HERE.

Thanks for listening!


Sharon said...

Hey Carla,
Just to encourage you our family of six live in a 2100 sq foot house with 3 bedrooms. THe girls share a room, Jordan has his own room and Hudson is still with us. Thankfully we have a large room and his bed is tucked in a corner. It isn't the way I would want it but it works for now. We had almost purchased a much bigger house before we started his adoption and the contract feel through the day we were signing papers on the other house. We were TOTALLY bummed but it was a few months later that God started to really work on our hearts about adopting. I don't know if we would have gone forward if we had a bigger house payment....I will take Hudson over his own room any day. Don't get me wrong. I dream about a bigger house and long to go get a little girl but since Jordan is 17 and Hud 3 it would be hard for them to share a room. We know that if a 2nd adoption is in our future it will be after we have more room. We hope to put the house on the market this fall but for now I remind myself how the pioneers lived..or those in most places around the world. I KNOW that God supplies all we NEED and when we NEED a bigger house he will bring it along. You are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your heart and can't wait to see seet Ainsley!

Christie said...

Hi Carla,
Just wanted to encourage you in the house hunt. We raised our first 4 (2 girls and 2 boys) in a 3 bedroom house. Their bedrooms were good size and we enlarge the main bath. We also have an office that gave another place to go if one needed. God will provide just the right place. We are excited about your new daughter and your future China adventure!! Love, Christie, Sami's Mom

Jenn said...

Glad you are continuing on the journey to China for #4. You know what a big role Charlotte's story played into our own adoption. We live in a 2200 sqf house and there are 6 almost 7 of us once our exchange student arrives next month. You will find the perfect is somewhere out there just keep looking. Hope the house hunt goes well and that your little suprise blessing arrives safely.