Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

Here are my big kids all ready for the first day. Ethan was off to his first day of 3rd Grade and Charlotte was off to her 2nd year of Pre-school. They were both super excited, which makes this momma happy. The only bummer is that a low pressure system off the coast was causing torrential downpours. It was an awful morning, I could not believe the amount of rain that was falling. But it has cleared off now, so hopefully the trip home will be better. And less than 48 hours until little Ainsley is here. I am scheduled for my c-section on Thurs. at 10am, can't wait!



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Sharon said...

looking forward to miss ainsley's appearance...praying for all of you and quick healing!

Lisa said...

Awe...they look so eager to learn!!! OK, they look VERY cute!!!!

I'll be praying for you all Thursday. I can't wait to "meet" Miss Ainsley in all her sweetness!!!