Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {She is starting to GET it}

So the questions are beginning....she wants to look at her China books all the time now. Wants to know who those ladies are, where we are in her Gotcha pictures. She asked if we had to call the police to find her when she was lost in China, and then we got her. We answer her questions, on her level and keep an open dialog. We want her to understand everything about being adopted but on her level and with what her 4 year old mind can process. She knows that Ainsley was in mommy's tummy but she was not and that God told mommy and daddy when it was time to come to China and bring her home. She knows she came home on an airplane. And just this week she finally made the connection that some China Girls live in orphanages and she did too. She told her daddy this week, "Daddy, I want to go to China and hug all the babies. I want to tell them that I love them and that their mommys and daddys are coming soon!" Melt your heart right. She also tells me that when she was in China she couldn't wait for me to come and bring her home. So much to process for such a sweet, innocent, little heart. Such a legacy to bear, but we are so honored that God chose us to be a part of His story and Charlotte's story.

And we will help her the best we can, every step of the way!!

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Ni Hao Y'all


prechrswife said...

Our daughter is also 4, and is in a similar place with understanding her story. The pictures are precious!

Jenn said...

So sweet! We have those talks with Abby G too. Although she tells everyone who asks if she is from China, "Yes I from China mommy and daddy had to come get me because I had a broked heart." So true in more ways than one. Abby said one time that she would like us to go to China to get "Julia"...her sister. We have not even gotten to that point yet. Still thinking and praying about going back but nothing in the works yet. And where she got "Julia" from we have no idea. We are truly blessed that HE chose us to be these girls families :)
Love Ya-

Suzy said...

It IS sweet that she wants to hug all those babies.

The Raudenbush Family said...

Our daughter is only 19 mo. old now, but I enjoy reading posts like this and preparing for when she starts to ask questions as well. Thanks for posting.

Sharon said...

Hudson has been asking questions for over a year also. He loves to tell us things he did while in China..."I went to Walmart and bought ALL the toys....we had a swimming pool at the orphanage"...I think those are "wish lists"..He is still trying to get that he was in someone elses tummy and when we talk about it he calls me his new mommy. When I tell him "lets call me your forever mommy" he is good with that. For a long time he didn't want to look at China pictures but now he is interested and asks LOTS of questions.
She is such a cutie pie!!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

OK, S is doing some of this too. I am sure Charlotte's thought have in part been brought on by baby Ainsley growing in your belly. For S, it is all the talk of her older Chinese brother's china Mom, whom we've called and emailed. Naturally, she wants to call hers except we can't. :((( So now it is "China Mommy rocked me, China Mommy loved me, China Mommy gave me ice cream every day, ..." And some of it I'm sure is true, but some of it is the exact things we sometimes have to say no too. So for her it the China Mommy ideal and I know this is normal, but like you I am just trying to say the right things, listen and empower her to feel as if she can express these things freely to us.

{{{HUGS}}} LEslie (off to see Baby Ainsley's 1-year (cannot believe that!) photo shoot)