Sunday, August 31, 2008

Remembering Anna

One of the families from agency that just returned in June have lost their little girl. She was a SN angel and went into surgery for a heart condition. Apparently a complication that only happens about 1 percent of the time occurred. She was given CPR for more than 45 minutes before her heart started again. She was on life support for 2 days but her little body was just too tired. She was taken off life support on Wed. evening and went to heaven a short while later. Thankfully her mommy was able to hold and rock her as she fell asleep. You can read an entry from her mommy and see her at this blog. She was only with her forever familyhere on earth for 10 weeks but she is now with her forever father for eternity. Please pray for this family in what must be such a difficult time.

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