Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking

I know most of you already know that I dabble a little in Digital Scrapbooking. Until now I have used the program Foto Fusion which is very user friendly and easy to figure out. I use it for blog design as well and it is a very inexpensive softward option. I would highly recommend it to anyone just starting out in the Digi Scrapbook world. But, I have wanted to do more and for Christmas my wonderful husband bought me Photoshop Elements. Well, it is TOO HARD to figure out on your own, and I finally found and awesome online line class. The class has video tutorials and assignments that you complete all on your own. I did lesson one today and it was GREAT!! I knew that once I learned photoshop I would love it and be able to do so much more, so now I am finally on my way. If you are interested in the class you can find it here at Jessica Sprague.com. Here is my first page, and part of my assignment was to share it with all of you.


teri said...

Hi Carla

cool page! I had started also doing digital with Creative Memories digital package. IT is so much fun. Seems hard to stop once you start! How fun!


Lisa said...

Girl don't get me started!!! I can only handle one time/money consuming hobby at a time! I have often wondered about Photo Shop. I'm glad to here there is help out there!

Great job on your assignment!!!