Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Little Update

I know it seems like forever since I posted, but I am having trouble getting everything done these days! Baby and I are doing well, just about to start week 16, I can't believe it. I am starting to feel little flutters and have had to venture into my maternity only attire. But we feel so incredibly blessed to have been given this little miracle. Charlotte is doing well and talking like crazy. She has even started to put two word sentences together which is a pretty big step for her. She has a surgery coming up on May 6th to reconstruct more of her nose, to reinsert tubes in both ears, and remove part of her adnoids. So please keep our little one in your prayers as we prepare for and recover from the surgery. Ethan is also doing well, and just tested for his brown belt in Taekwondo. We are gearing up for soccer season now so I am sure I will have some pictures for you soon. Around the house we are doing some needed home improvment stuff. Renovating our kitchen a little, I am currently without counters or a sink until the 16th and starting to get stuff in place for painting and new floors in most of the house. So as usual life is busy but we are hanging in there. I have not had my camera out in about 2 months so no new pics to share, I know bad mommy. But I am carrying around another little person with my 24/7 right now, so I think I am doing well just to make this post. Hope you are all well, and I promise to check in sooner rather than later. I know I will at least have Easter pics next week.


Sharon said...

So good to hear from you. Glad you are doing well and the kids sound like they are doing well also. SO....I can't figure out the blog re-do so if you are up for it I would love a spring look...let me know.

Wife of the Pres. said...

You have your hands and belly and plate full! It is great to hear an update too.

THANK YOU for sharing on my speech post. Just today, I *pushed* our cranio-facial doc to give us his blessing to go ahead w/ speech and after I shared my reasons he gave us the referral to the WONDERFUL center at our hospital. So … hopefully we'll get her evaluated there ASAP and start in the next month.

Take care of yourself, your precious children, and the newest bundle too!!! I guess if you are finding out, it will be soon. (Not trying to pry though!)

:)) Les