Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hanging in There

Today was Charlotte's best day so far. Her energy level was up and pain was controlled with just plain tylenol. She is still having a little trouble eating. She gets tired easily as it is hard to open very wide and the surgeons did do some work on her front gums as well. So jello and ice-cream are still a big favorite. Yesterday was fun, as Charlotte was still in quite a bit of pain and Ethan had a stomach virus. Poor guy was quarantined to his bedroom in an attempt to contain the germs. The last thing we need is for Charlotte to catch that too. Ethan was much better today as well and was able to go to his soccer game. He scored a goal today!!! He has been a little frustrated as he usually scores in games, but had been coming so close without the prize. Well, today was the day, he dribbled down field, faked a player out, then was tripped. He jumped up and tried again only to fall, again, roll over and still managed to kick it past the goalie. He was not going to let his opportunity pass him by! He is a bit competitive, and I have no idea where he gets it??? (As I am on many a home video, yelling, LOL!!) And our #3 little one is also doing well, have I mentioned that it is a girl!!! She is very active and loves to do somersaults, on my bladder of course. I am felling much better as of late, so praying that will continue for the next few weeks at least. So that is it for us, hope all my friends out there have a fabulous Mother's Day!!


Lisa said...

I'm so glad to hear that Charlotte is getting better. Poor Ethan...maybe least the goal helped him forget about it all.

I'm also glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well and you are feeling better. Two sweet girls, what a blessing!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Wow, thanks for the updates! "Have I mentioned … "

NO!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I am guessing that Ethan and Charlotte are equally excited about a little mei mei!!!

Hope Ethan is totally well and Charlotte continues to heal. Take care Carla!