Thursday, May 28, 2009

A little catching up..

Thought I would take a few minutes to catch up on blogging. So much has been going on lately, as usual, right, but still wanted to document everything.

First we decided instead of renovating our existing house that we would, put it on the market and look for something bigger. We have not brought a single "baby" item into our house yet and we were already feeling cramped. Plus this is a perfect time to get more for your money, larger houses are selling for less in our area. The key will be to sell our house. We have found a house that we absolutely love just about 2-3 miles from where we are so we are hopeful. Just praying that the right family walks through our house and that we have a contract before the end of June. It would be nice to move before the end of August, before school starts again, and before we the baby comes. The only bummer about selling your house is keeping it "show ready" 24/7, that is a real task but it will be worth it in the end.

On the kid front: our #1 is ready for school to be out!! He just loves being outside and can't wait to stay out until he is ready to come in, which does not happen on school nights. Our last day is June 11th so we are close but not quite there yet. Ethan has decided that he is ready for an overnight camp this summer. So he will be spending a week at Triple R Ranch, a christian camp right here in our area. Jay and I were both counselors there in the summers during college, so we are excited for him to go. He is also trying out for the Advanced U9 Soccer team for next year. I think it will be a wonderful opportunity for him.

Our #2 is totally and completely obsessed with ELMO. We must watch at least 3 different episodes of Elmo's World everyday, she just loves him. She is really starting to use lots of two and three word phrases, which is exciting to see. She has recovered so well from her last surgery, much faster than the other two. She loves the pool, so she will definitely be taking swim lessons this summer.

And our #3 is very close to having a name. Jay and I are just deciding between two names and want to make sure it is the one before we share. With Ethan, no one knew his name until he was born except for us, but I can't hold it in this time, I don't think. So we will be sharing soon. I am feeling her move lots, and it is obvious to everyone now that I am pregnant. Getting lots of those, wow you are really popping out, when are you due? comments. Of course then I answer, September 20th, so a while. is going to be a long summer. Yes, thanks so much for the encouragement. I think we forget what it feels like to be pregnant, once the babies are here and forget about how those comments feel sometimes. But we take it all in stride.

Jay and I are hanging in there and ready for the summer. I love being home everyday and Jay loves it that he can wear polo shirts instead of ties so we are ready. Thanks for checking in on us. I hope to be back with some photos soon.


Lisa said...

Great to hear from you and to know all is going well.

I'll be praying for that perfect family to walk through your house. I'll also be praying for you to maintain that show ready house...ugh! It will be a memory soon!

Hang in there through the summer months. Emily was born in September and it was not much fun but soooo worth it!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Oh, Carla, I remember the comments. I was once told "You look like you are carrying around a basketball in your tummy!" Gee … thanks. I am petite, but my second son was almost 8 lbs. so you can imagine. I carried both boys all out in the front. A sight to behold for sure. :)

As for the summer, I have no words to share that will help. It is long and HOT while in your last trimester. Had one in July and one in September. And I live much farther South than you. ;) It was H-O-T. Big J was actually due on Sept. 23 and came a few days early. It was 95 degrees the day we came home from the hospital. :)) I know you are feeling so blessed though, in spite of the heat! She will be worth it all no doubt!