Saturday, August 22, 2009

We're In!!

So we are all moved into the new house, lots unpacked, still some to go but we are in a good spot. We feel so overwhelmingly blessed to have been able to buy this house, God has truly provided for us. The kids love their new rooms and they are huge, with plenty of space to share in the future - :) That was one of my biggest prayers that we would be able to find a house that could accomodate our family now and in the future. When I get a chance I will post some pictures, so that you can all enjoy it with us. Ethan has already made friends in the neighborhood and gets lots of compliments from the adult neighbors on his wonderful manners and disposition. And Charlotte is adjusting to the the size and feeling far away from mommy at times. But she is doing well and ready for school to start. Ainsley has just 3 weeks to go before she makes her appearance. I will have a c-section on or before Sept. 14th most likely. I am excited to meet my new little one but a little scared of the surgery. I have not had surgery since becoming a mom and it is a little more intense now. I have done much better with the move physically than I thought I would. I have had so much help, my wonderful hubby of course, my mom and sister, Jay's parents and sister and brother in law, and lots and lots of help from our church family. It is amazing how much has been accomplished in a week and a half. Thank you to everyone who pitched in we could not have done it without you. Well that's it for now, off to do more organizing and unpacking. I will keep you updated on our new munchkin and when she will be here-I still can't believe I will have little tiny fingers and toes in my house again-amazing blessing!!

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Lisa said...

Wow, I can't believe you will be holding a tiny one in three weeks! China sure made the time fly around here. I can't wait for pictures of your new looks beautiful! But more than anything, I can't wait for pictures of your GROWING family!!!!!