Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things you think about

It is very normal for everyone to comment on how much Ainsley looks like Ethan. And it is true she is a spitting image of him at the same age. I will try to post a couple of pics later so all my bloggy friends can see what I mean. But as we all sit around admiring their likeness and whether or not Ainsley has my eyes or Daddy's nose, I worry about Charlotte. So I often add that Charlotte is my only child that has mommy's brown eyes (Ainsley and Ethan have their Daddy's blue eyes.) And right now it works, she gives me a big smile and her heart is full knowing she is "like" mommy. But what will happen in the future as people comment on Ethan and Ainsley's likeness, and Charlotte will not have that same thing happen for her. I have to come up with some more things that are the same about all three of my children I guess. It just worries me a little, I know we will figure it out and I know Charlotte will "get used to it." But mommies think about these things you know.


Lisa said...

I know God will give you the wisdom to know exactly how to handle each and every situation. He's already given you a caring and sensitive heart that is mindful and aware. Your children are blessed to call you mommy!

Carla said...

Charlotte has Ethan's DRIVE to succeed. Charlotte has Ainsley's JOY in living life. Charlotte has Mommy's LOVE of God. :)

We try very hard NOT to comment on physical features in our family, and Dh's family is who started this in their own family. We comment on attitudes, emotional, and psychological things. We comment on how good in Math the kids are...it's the best we can do.

Of course, with Katie, I tell her OFTEN how much I love her straight black hair. I think it's beautiful. It's the truth, and I figure it can't hurt. :)

Dawn said...

I think that your answer about your eyes and Charlotte's is a perfect answer for her, I am sure she is so proud that she has her mommy's eyes!

It was so coincidental that you posted this exact post....because a few days earlier, I had looked at your blog for updates and saw pictures of Ainsley. My first thought was "she sure does look like her brother!!" :)

ps. By any chance, did you ever receive my pictures and all for my blog makeover? Would you still be interested in updating it? Thanks so much!