Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Amazing Things..

Well first let me say that Susannah, the little girl we have been praying for since last week, is in route to the US. Is that a miracle or what? What an awesome God we serve, He moved mountains for this little girl and it is truly a miracle. I will let you know when the blog is updated and they are safely back in the US.

Next, our Sha Sha is really making leaps and bounds with her eating. I think I already posted that she is eating yogurt, pudding, soups and stuff like that. Well since school has started she has also decided that she likes gold fish, gerber puffs and now CHEERIOS!!!!!! And let me tell you she absolutely throws a fit when the cheerios are gone, she is almost obsessed with them. One extreme to the other I guess. She has also eaten mashed potatoes and refried beans for me, which is great as well. So we are getting there, it has been a journey but well worth it. And for all the other adoptive moms out there that struggle with this, let me say follow your gut. I knew that I did not want to force Charlotte, that it needed to be on her terms and that as long as she was nourished it would all come in time. I am glad I followed my instincts and did not listen to my first OT. Eating is about so much for Charlotte, but most of all trust. She needed to trust us before she would willing accept all different kinds of food. She also needed to trust that her new mouth inside would keep the food from going into her nose. She has been through so much but she is a little trooper, and now you can barely tear her away from food. I am posting a video that Jay made of Charlotte eating. It is actually for our new OT, that I love, to take to an Occupational Therapy conference. They will view the video and hopefully come up with more ideas to encourage Charlotte to try new and different textures. It really is not the taste, she will eat egg drop soup, tomato soup, whatever as long as it has a nice smooth texture. I will post more cute video soon. But here is this for now.

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