Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heavy Heart...

Update: Susannah's blog is back open. You can click on the button at the top of my sidebar to get to it. Keep praying Susannah is feeling better but they still needs lots to happen to get her home!

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for the family I posted about yesterday. Keep praying for them and little Susannah. They have decided to close their blog to private readers for now, but don't stop praying. I respect their need for some privacy in this situation. My heart feels so heavy though for their ordeal and mostly for Susannah. China is really a country with an opressed people. Pray for China today, pray for it's leaders for it's people. Pray that God would be able to soften hearts, that those hearts would truly grasp the value and life of every child. It is hard to believe that children in today's world still have so much to face just to LIVE! We were lucky enough to bring one of those precious children home and I am so grateful for that. So grateful that she will have a life here, will know Jesus and feel the love of a family forever. That is why we have to go back again. Why we have to bring another little one home. God has entrusted us with this specal mission and we are going to follow His call. We are going back to China, our application has already been approved and the paper chase is beginning. We are lucky enough to bring another precious child home and we can't wait.

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Cheri H said...

Hey, I thought you might like to hear this update! I know their travel buddies that are with them in Kunming, we were LID togather. This was on their website "Update on the Irwin family – they got to take Susannah to get her passport picture made today which is great news! And they will hopefully be taking her on to Guangzhou tomorrow morning to get her home quickly and on to Vanderbilt. We are praising God for all he has done in this situation!"

I tried to post it to AWAA but you know how fast they update the yahoo group. Praying that they all goes as planned! :)