Saturday, December 27, 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas!!

We had a wonderful Christmas, this year. Charlotte was excited about her presents and is still having fun with her new loot. Ethan said this was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. I got everything on my list. More on that later. And Jay and I enjoyed Christmas watching the glow in our children's eyes. They just had so much fun. Of course my incredible husband did way too much for me, as usual. He gave me a new zoom lens for my camera, which I am loving. He also got Photoshop Elements for me. I am looking forward to using it, but have to change out my laptop hard drive. I have had for about 6 weeks now, so I guess the procrasitnation has to end some time. Here are some pics of our fun, I will explain more about Ethan's Christmas "miracle after the pics.

Sweet Girl with her new horse at DaDa's house. She loved that he talked.

Goldfish in Sha Sha's stocking, her favorite.

Opening presents at Nana's house on Christmas Eve.

Ethan with his new tech deck ramp.

Ethan on Christmas morning. He was up at 5 AM but I made him hold off until 6:20.

All of the Christmas loot, thanks Santa!!

So on to Ethan's Christmas miracle. You can see in the pic above that Ethan got a red Razor Electric Scooter the E175 version. He was soooo excited. He went out in his pjs to ride it. Then his friend Jack came out with his scooter, a E200 version. Well it went faster than Ethan's and at first it was ok, until he could not keep up with Jack. So on day 2, he asked if we could upgrade. We had asked about it on Christmas, but he said it was ok, he liked his red scooter. But now he had changed his mind. We told him we would clean it up and try to take it back to the store, but he would have to use his Christmas money for the difference in price. He said no problem, and that it would be ok if they did not take it back, but still wanted to try. Well luckily Spo*ts Author*ty took back the scooter, but did not have the E200 in stock. Daddy and I tried, 2 Toy stores, 3 sports stores, Wally World and Tar*et, no luck. We came home and Daddy came up with the idea to try Pep B*ys. He checked online and then called to check. They had it-yeah. And the best part it was 20% off with a $20 rebate. So the upgrade only cost $40. Can you believe it, it was a Christmas "miracle" in Ethan's eyes. I know it seems like we endulged Ethan on this one, but he is such an awesome kid, he really did deserve it. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well. Can't wait to see pics of your special days as well.

On the adoption front: we have our last Home Study Appointment on Tuesday. After I have that I will be able to send everything off to immigration and get my other dossier documents certified. So we are still on track for my April goal. My prediction is that we will be spending Christmas in China next year-you never know right!?!

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