Monday, March 29, 2010

Memorial Box Monday: The Wait

Okay, this is my first memorial box post, but I am really excited to get in on this type of journaling. You can read more about Memorial Boxes here....really is a great way to remember all of the amazing things God has done in our lives.

When we were waiting for our referral for Charlotte and for all the approvals to go and bring her home, I felt incredibly close to the Lord. I think mostly because it was the only way I could make it through the wait. Knowing and feeling that He was completely in control, brought me extraordinary peace so very many times. Now don't get me wrong, I had my fair share of impatience and fear as we waited. Especially once I "knew" who and where our Charlotte was, she needed her mommy :) Just recently I received an email from another adoptive mom that was part of my agency's yahoo group.

Hi Carla-- A while back, actually a looong while back, in 2007, you sent an email to the "Waiting Children" list that ministered to me in a powerful way. It was an exerpt from a book "Hope for the Journey". I printed it and have kept it in my quiet time binder, referring back to it many times over the years, and even now as we await the arrival home our our little boy from China. The email is dated Aug. 10th, 2007 and the subject is "Something To Think About". I know it's a long shot, but by chance do you still have that one and could you forward it to me? I would like to send it to a friend who is growing weary in the wait for her little girl from China.
Thanks so much--

Well, I went back and looked and found the email.  I did not even remember sending it to be honest, but to know that not only did God speak to me through that story, but he led me to type it out to send to others.  And then it spoke to other's hearts and still is now 3 years later, tells me I may need to read it again now and maybe in the future so it is fitting that it be my first entry in my box. 

Here is the email I sent that day:
Good Morning Everyone,

I was reading this morning a book we received from Shaohannah's Hope called "Hope for the Journey, an adoption companion." We received it after applying for a grant, anyway I wanted to share the following excerpt with you, because it really hit home for me.

Look to God
-Eric and Mizie Tibbets adopted from Russia and in the process for

"During your adoption journey you are likely to become child-focused
instead of God focused. You might even think more about the creation
instead of the Creator. Let me chanllenge you that if you are
longing more for the child instead of the Savior, you may want to
pause and take inventory of your relationship with God. After many
years of infertility and empty arms, it is easy to be impatient for
the blessing of a child. I'd like to share a few truths we learned
as we journeyed with God:
-You aren't on man, you are waiting on God.
-God isn't going to send you where He is absent.
-God is not bound by geography, timelines, politics or finances.
-God hasn't asked you to walk this path alone. Not only will He
remain with you each step of the way, He has prepared many warriors
to go into battle with you. You'll be amazed at who He uses to meet
your needs.
-Don't put serving the King on hold. Waiting doesn't equate to
idleness. Invest in the wait; don't waste it.
-God's gifts to us are never late; they are always on time and far
beyond what we could ever imagine.
Adoption is about stewardship. Your child and everything you possess
belongs to God. During the wait, surrender it all to God, for His
Each step of the journey for me sometomes seems like one
more "chance" to wait. But it is in the perserverence that God shows
Himself to me. Be strengthend and encouraged in your stage of the
wait today. It will be so worth it in the end. Here's to the wait:)
Have a wonderful day,
Carla L.

And even today, this email is reminding me of my "chance" to wait.  I have some things going on now, that I can not control, as I would like, but am having to just wait and pray.  God will work it out in his timing, and I know beyond a shadow that it will be so much better than I could even dream up.


Mom Of Many said...

That is a beautiful excerpt...and so wonderful of God to use you to pass it along to minister to others...

Waiting is where we seem to often grow the deepest...

Thank you for posting. xo

Kat said...

Just sat down to read Memorial Box Monday posts and LOVE this. It's amazing how God brought this email back to you...SOOOO cool! Also, we're waiting for a court date for our twins in Ethiopia, so this is INCREDIBLY apt for me! Thank you for sharing!!!! :)