Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Charlotte's First Pig Tails

Last Friday, Charlotte and I were hanging out at home, while Daddy and Ethan went to Softball Practice for Church. So we had a girls night doing hair and playing music. Aren't her pig tails so cute!! We also played the piano, which Charlotte also likes to do. I think she is a natural.

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Carla said...

CUTE Piggies!!! :)

Walker said...

I love the pig tails!!
I just found your site through someone's blog that you re-designed. I just wanted to say do a fantastic job! I couldn't help but smile as I was reading the sidebar and saw that you design hairbows too! You and I are alot alike! I too re-design site's and I make hairbows. Your bows are too cute too!
Keep up the good work..from one mom to another.
Blessings In His Name,

Carla said...

I did a search on pillowcase dress directions. :) It was from a blog and OH SO SIMPLE.