Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy 5 Month Gotcha!!

Today is April 5th that means 5 months ago today Charlotte was in our arms for the very first time. It is hard to believe how much she has changed since then. I knew that once she was with us for a while that she would be different than when we first got her but I did not realize how quickly time would fly. Each day that we look at our Happy Sha Sha, we are so thankful for her and how far she has come. When you think of where she is now compared to 5 months ago it really makes your heart want to bring more home. I know, I know be content with where I am now, I just got finished saying these 5 months had flown by, right. And I am content with where our family is right now. I love our family and I am grateful every second of everyday for all of the amazing blessings we have. Here is a little look back at 5 months ago and then a picture I got today. We serve one AWESOME GOD!!!!

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Cheri H said...

Time goes by so fast once your home with your child! I'm so happy that everything is going well. Charlolette looks so happy and healthy!