Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Have you noticed that I mainly post on Wed. and Thurs. That is because I am home on those days. I wish I could be home every day but that is not possible for us right now, maybe one day. Life has been moving at an ALARMING pace, here of late. Between therapy, baseball, tae-kwon-do, softball and just having time to sit still we have been flying through life. It is hard for me because I am such an ordered person. When we are out all the time doing something, that means other stuff at home does not get done. It is so hard for me to just leave stuff, but I am realizing that with 2 kids, if you would like to remain sane, you have to do that. Ethan is doing so well right now. We had a couple of months where the other shoe finally dropped and we began to see behaviours that we are not used to. But his little mind was still trying to take in everything that has happened over the last 5 1/2 months. He has turned a corner now and he and Charlotte are so sweet together. Ethan loves to play and wrestle with her and he will even come and get her if she is trying to get me to pick her up and I am working on dinner or something. What a great big brother he is!! On the way to school today he said, "Mommy I think we should bring another baby home. A boy this time. I don't want to be the only boy, I need a brother. But if we do that Charlotte would be the only girl, so I guess we need to get a boy and a girl." Okay, Ethan - Mommy and Daddy will get right on that-LOL!!

Charlotte is doing well, she is beginning to show her age-can we say TERRIBLE 2's. But I guess it is par for the course. She is really testing her boundaries and us. Some days it is hard, but we will get through it. She did have to have a stitch put in her head last week. She ran into the corner of a tabel. She is a little dare-devil and so full of energy and life. I see casts in my future. The other day she climbed all the way to the top of the ladder on Ethan's bunk bed before we realized it. She has also figured out how to climb on Mommy and Daddy's bed by herself. She is an independent, fiesty little thing. Guess she gets that from her Mommy-LOL! We'll see if I am still laughing when she is 15 right??

But even though life is moving fast, I have never been happier:) Everyday that I look at my precious gifts and take a moment to breathe, I realize it is all worth it. This is what I have always wanted and longed for. And God is truely giving me the Desires of my Heart.

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Carla said...

Life is moving way too fast for me as well. So incredibly fast.