Saturday, July 26, 2008

Prayer Request

I am feeling led right now to ask you to pray for the children and families stuck right now in the Guatemala Adoption Process. Many of these families have been matched with a child for almost 2 years and are still waiting to bring them home. Because of corruption, Hague issues and an overall lack of organization on the part of the process they are just stuck in limbo. I know of at least 2 families who switched to the Guatemala process from China in January of 2006. One of those families is still working to bring their little one home. I am not sure about the other family. But I just wanted to give our prayer warriors one more request to lift up today. And to lift up the international adoption process in general as it seems to be getting attacked from all sides lately. Just keep all families embarking on this journey in your prayers. And for the children who are desperately waiting for their mommys and daddys to bring them home.

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Cheri H said...

Oh def! The whole IA program needs prayers. It breaks my heart that these children are waiting as long as they are for reasons that seem so unfair. Praying for Guatemala adoptions as well as the other IA programs.