Monday, July 14, 2008

SCC back in concert

I have been following Steven Curtis Chapman and his family since his daughter's passing on May 21st. I have been praying for this family each day. Friday was the first performance he gave since the tragedy. I found some you tube videos of that performance and have posted them here. What courage it must have taken to walk out on that stage. I also follow his manager's blog which is linked in my sidebar. He and his family will be appearing on Good Morning America the week of Aug. 4th as well as on Larry King Live. There is also a People Magazine story featuring the family coming out in Aug. I just think it is awesome how this family has chosen to use their struggle to bring more awareness of adoption to the world. Keep praying for them.

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Cheri H said...

Wow, thanks for linking to this! I loved watching and had to show dh after the kids went to bed.