Sunday, October 5, 2008

11 months

I opened my blog today to read a couple of comments that my wonderful friends left me, thanks Sharon and Leslie and Christie who e-mailed, and realized today is Oct. 5th. See the ticker at the top of my blog, it says that Sha Sha has been with her forever family for 11 months TODAY!! I can't belive that in one short month she will have been home for an entire year, it just doesn't feel possible. And wow, how she has changed. I will be doing a series of posts then and now, as special days come up this month. But for now here is a pic of our girl then and now.....

This picture was on the camera we sent to orphanage in Charlotte's Care Package.

Our Beautiful Girl

Thanks to all my friends for your encouragement, I am feeling much better about everything and really getting excited!! Oh and by the way, I added the Blog Followers application to my sidebar. If you follow me will you please add yourself, right now I have zero followers :(

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