Friday, October 3, 2008

Making Room for Mei Mei

So everytime I watch that video in the previous post, I just think about how grateful I am to be the mommy to 2 amazing children. And prayerfully one more in the near future. I am excited to be starting the chase again, but for some reason it seems harder this time to get going. Don't get me wrong, I know there is another little one out there for our family. I am just not looking forward to the paperwork. But I will get it done, just have to tread through it. We have been called to bring her home and we are committed to doing that, but it is so interesting the reactions this time. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Me: Hey, you are not going to believe this but we are going back to

Friend: You are, for what??

Me: To bring home another baby!

Friend: Really???

Me: Yes, we are, I know everyone thinks we are crazy.

Friend: Are you sure, 3 little ones?

Me: There are so many children out there that need a mommy and daddy
and love, and we have it give. So we have to go back.

Friend: Okay, well (big pause) congratulations.

Now any of my friends out there reading, please know this is a whole bunch of conversations put together, but I have had many of these and it is so okay. But, I guess the first time, so many family and friends knew that we had done everything to have another baby and going to China was the answer to that. This time though, why?? It is so much harder to convince people that we just feel called to bring home another little girl. Jay and I knew and even talked about the fact that we would be back in China in the future. I think that is why we were not sad about leaving. We already knew we would be back. I guess I am just looking for some encouragement, that we are doing the right thing. It makes me wonder if I seem completely stressed out or something with having 2 and one more would just be too much??

I am not writing this post to make anyone feel bad, just to help explain. Yes, we feel completely blessed with all we have, and financially we are leaning on God for the adoption expenses, but we can take on another little one. And since we can we should. Watching the amazing story of little Susannah has really just confirmed it for me all the more. There is another sweet little girl that needs her mommy, daddy, Big Brother and Big Sis and we are going to make room for our Mei Mei. It will be a while before we see her face or hold her but we know it will happen, we have so much Faith in that. And while we are moving through the process we hope you will pray for us and maybe even ask yourself, can I make room for a Mei Mei? You might be surprised by the answer God gives. After all it is pretty hard to look and the sweet little girl in the video below and not have it pull at your heart just a little.


Sharon said...

Well I for one am thrilled for you! My heart is starting to ache to do another adoption. We have no plans to and if it does happen it will be a few years down the road but who knows. I have a heart for an older child, five or so. I still think my "Anja" may be out there (that was the name for a girl). We'll see...

Our Journey to Jillian said...

Carla you can totally do this!!!! 3 little ones is no big deal at might even want to go to 4 one day! :) I truly am so excited for y'all...and I am praying for y'all daily! You know as well as I do, that the Lord doesn't call everyone to this....and therefore there is often a lack of understanding. The Lord will bless you for your obedience...I know He's already shown that so clearly in both of our lives!! I'm only sad that y'all will have a new set of travel buddies.

Carla said...

Well, 3 kids threw me for a loop....but you know what? We could so totally do 4 kids. :) I say go for it. Yes, we know exactly what you mean about being in China and knowing you'll be back. That was us. Only, we *know* it will be an older than baby age child. :)

You can do the paperwork, just make a list and do one thing a day. :)

Cheri H said...

Your CAN do it my friend! I am so excited for you and your family. I long to go back for an older child! I would like to bring home a brother for my son. He is out number with the three girls in our house. I too get the crazy statements as to WHY and are you kidding. It can really get under your skin.

You know the Lord has place this child upon all of your hearts and to ignore him would be sad. You are doing what you are called to do and I know you have more than enough love to share among three children! :)

Nicole said...

Once you have heard from God, you know you can do it. I think it is great you are going back. Take it from this Mama of 4, 3 is no big deal!! While it isn't the "norm" the rewards are far greater than any "norm" here or in China!

Leslie said...

Carla, just trying to catch up on my AWAA friends!!! I love this post and you know my blog header?!? Charlie and I now say who knows how many? And even my youngest, Jackson, says already that he wants ANOTHER little sister. Only God! I think I already sent you a note through the AWAA board (did I???) but anyway, I saw your news on there and I am thrilled for your family too! I cannot wait to see who God has chosen for you. You know, as someone said above, once you have heard from God, that is really all that matters! 3 is really not that hard so far. Thanks for keeping up the lists on the board too and for all your notes on encouragement on my blog!